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Eastenders speed dating
  • Joel's car breaks down and while Ronnie offers to fix it for him, they both talk about the memories of their past and he is reacquainted by Archie who fixes his car.
  • As Ronnie leaves, he talks about Danielle's good nature, saying she must have got it from her Adoptive mother Liz.
  • Her mother probably emotionally abused her.
  • She changes her mind when Noah takes a shine to Bradley and asks about him.
  • Edinburgh University Press.

Mel and Tom share daughters Marnie and Florence. The next day Todd visits the Whitney's home to check on her and drops off some chocolates for her. Natalie's business does not prosper and closes soon after. The next day, Stacey will not eat anything, so Bradley brings Becca back to stay and Stacey cheers up. In November, Zainab invites her to visit when she wants to find out some information about Afia Khan Meryl Fernandes and her family.

EastEnders - Jamie and Sonia start dating (8th August 2000)

Ricky impresses Roxy at the speed-dating event

When this fails, they decide to set him up with her fourth daughter Parveen Farzana Dua Elahe. She returns briefly in May to witness Janine's incarceration after she is falsely accused of murdering Laura Beale Hannah Waterman. Becca then steals a suit from the launderette and dresses up in it.

The next day, Becca and Stacey look for jobs. It is revealed that Qadim has been keeping Amira prisoner in her own home. She then tells Fatboy she had no idea the T-shirts came from Whitney.

And despite being a regular face on EastEnders for the last ten years, Ryan had no idea who Shona was. Obviously that wasn't something that EastEnders could delve too much into, but you got the idea that she was going through hard times. Toussaint-White has subsequently claimed that the relationship between Bradley and Syd is an attempt to portray more interracial relationships in EastEnders. Off-screen, actress Lucy Speed had decided to quit the role after six years playing Natalie.

Stacey slaps Becca, causing her to pick up the urn containing Bradley's ashes and throw it at the wall. When Whitney defends her mother, Ryan tells her she is his mother too. He'll say that he doesn't really want to have anything to do with George but will pay his way for him. Stacey later texts her, inviting her to stay in Albert Square. However, the next time he invites her out, she turns him down and he embarrasses himself and leaves.

He cooks mince pies and says he wants to be a mechanic like Ricky. It's full of bad memories Natalie is devastated by the revelations about Barry's death. Bradley is delighted by this but Syd breaks his heart when she finishes with him. Andy is mentioned a month later when Danielle visits him and Gareth after her bond with Ronnie begins falling apart.

Clement Pat and Tony Caunter Roy. Natalie's reappearance is met unfavourably by Bianca and fights ensue. When the audition for Theo came up, I just went for it and gave it all I could. She arrived in London to stay with a friend, but found the friend wasn't there, so she'd been on her own and the hardship had forced her into prostitution. Natalie was shown to be distressed by the prospect of being a mother and planned to have an abortion.

She has a conversation with Dawn Swann when she confides in Pearl about her relationship with Garry Hobbs. At this point he instantly feels threatened and backs off. At the party, Lucy comes onto Todd so Whitney takes him off to a bedroom. Qadim attacks Syed, dating expat saying he warned Amira not to marry him.

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After a four-year absence, Lucy Speed decided that she wanted to return to the series. Liking the area, Syd moves into the flat above the bookmakers and begins dating Bradley. Despite Natalie's attempts to set Barry up with other female hopefuls, she eventually becomes attracted to him herself and they begin dating. She then starts dating him.

Eastenders speed dating
Natalie Evans

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In the end, I had this balloon between my legs and burst it with my nutcracker thighs. He tells her to get dressed and get out. You'll see him change, though, and you'll start to see him getting attached. After being warned by Patrick Trueman to stay away from them, she shockingly tells him that Lucas spent Christmas with her. The storylines involving Steve and his mother and Barry and Natalie are the stuff of intense drama.

Masood rages at Bushra over her behaviour, and throws her out of the house. And now she's grown tired of being a mother to baby Jack and Barry! Dejected, Natalie does so, leaving Walford to stay with her sister in Basingstoke. Roxy urges Joel to ask Ronnie about Danielle. Joel eventually leaves Stephanie for Ronnie and moves into the pub.

However, he insists he is staying in Walford and says goodbye to them after helping to put their luggage in the car. He ends the call and assembles evidence around Trina to make it look like she died in an accident whilst taking drugs. Trina turns up and Jordan is ecstatic, but Denise tells Lucas to get rid of her. However, when Stacey tries out for a barmaid job, she goes to drink a cocktail and Becca reveals to everyone that Stacey is pregnant.

As she and Stacey work on their new stall, Mr. However, she soon misses Ronnie and Walford. Joel's introduction to the show begins when Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks phones him after stealing Ronnie's address book. The erotic thriller in contemporary cinema. They realise that Syed's parents have set up a hidden camera to spy on them, and eventually expose it, ending the pretence.

Atkins discussed her role in an interview with the Nottingham Evening Post. Qadim orders her to pack her bags but she defies him and Syed says they will pay back the money. When Yusef phones Qadim and tells him that Amira is at the Masood's house, he storms round there and demands that Amira and Yasmin return with him. Max convinces Stacey to return home, and she and Becca decide to bring up the baby together after she tells Becca that Archie is not the father.

Konrad brings food from his shop, making the night a success. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Afterwards, Hannah and Tim tell Ronnie that the charges against Hannah have been dropped. When he realises how much Masood has done for her, dating an older man with he gives his blessing and agrees to pay for the wedding.

Andy asks Danielle to return to their hometown Telford as her brother, Gareth, is getting married. Becca is upset when she is not invited to Bradley and Stacey's wedding, dating parth blaming it on her belief that Bradley hates her. She admits that she is a scammer but feels that Charlie is too nice for her to go through with it.

Janine inherits Barry's wealth, leaving Natalie and Jack nothing. Natalie starts pressuring Ricky to tell Bianca about their relationship and when he does not, Natalie plants some lingerie in his work overalls. Family Husband Terry Bates. When Darren announces he is moving away from Walford, he asks Heather to take good care of George, online dating sites and gives her some money.

Who is dating who in eastenders

She has had no further contact with Theo and he has not been seen around Albert Square since. The money enables Heather and George to move into their own flat. Becca is further devastated when Stacey throws her out of her room, as she thinks it is too crowded for her, Lily and Becca to share. Sharon punishes Dennis for this but Phil says he was doing what normal boys do.

Ricky impresses Roxy at the speed-dating event

However, she also urged the soap to go further in trying to accurately portray the diversity of modern London. Heartbroken, she and Noah leave without Bradley. Two months later, Danielle finally reveals her true identity to Ronnie, but is accidentally knocked down by Janine Butcher and dies.

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Eastenders speed dating

Becca gets a phone call and leaves in a hurry, so a suspicious Max follows her to a flat where Stacey is staying. It seems they may have inadvertently given away the fact that they were holidaying together in the Maldives over Christmas. Ronnie visits Joel's house and forces him to choose between her and his wife. Suspecting foul play, Natalie tries to prove Janine has murdered Barry but is unsuccessful.

Natalie Evans
  1. Family Sons Noah Chambers.
  2. Andrea is a total nightmare control freak, and it says a lot about who Natalie is, why she had no confidence in herself.
  3. However, Lucas ignores him and gives her some chips for free.
  4. Todd appears two months later after his new boss Darren Miller buys the car lot back from Ricky's manipulative sister Janine Butcher.
  5. She photographs Orlenda with another man and shows it to Charlie, who confronts her.
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