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Without a doubt, Bear Archery Company has produced more traditional bows than all the other traditional bow companies combined. The early Grayling bows of were static recurves called the Deerslayer, Bush Bow and Hunter, plus three longbows called the Field, Rover and Ranger. Note - There were actually two different variations of the first model suede St.

This patent covered the working recurve limb. The later Grumleys also can be found in laminated woods as well as self-wood models. Bow sales were now beginning to soar as new archers and bowhunters entered the sport in record numbers due in large part to the successful promotions of Fred Bear. Affiliate Links Disclaimer Many of the links that you'll find on Archer Den link to products on third party sites. This date that is printed on all bows made in the middle of and is naturally the date of the patent for a working recurve limb and has nothing to do with the actual model year.

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One item that sticks out are the vintage Bear Recurve Bows. Fred was an avid hunter and promoter. This was his style, arms thousand and the suits and ties were not.

Vintage bear archery quiver

Also, many of the company catalogs show a model using the same picture of this model for two or more years, yet materials and glass colors may have changed each year. Charles Quiver, with antique elk hide construction. The Kodiak was introduced in with the bi-directional glass and the aluminum lamination. We have some of the most liberal hunting seasons here in the U. If I were you, I'd have someone take a look at it and if it's safe to shoot I'd use it.

DeannaHall How To Date Your Fred Bear Bow

There were several other bowyers who made Bear wooden bows, mostly the lower line lemonwood models such as the Ranger. Not all Bear bows made in these early years were made by Nels. Age of a Bear Grizzly recurve?

The Bows of Bear Archery Archery Collecting

No, I'm no expert in them and may never figure it all out, but I have had my share come and go. Below is a each year output chart for the most favorite Bear Bows. Remember also that Bear had to take the next yearns catalog to the printer in late fall of the prior year. These models evolved from the superbly hand-crafted bows of Nels Grumley, Fred's first bowyer.

Al has studied Bear Archery for many, many years and is considered by everyone as the King of Information regarding Bear Archery collecting. In this article, I will present an overview of Bear Archery, and give you just a taste of the different items which you should be looking for. Indeed, the Super Kodiak is no different from any other Bear Archery model in the fact that the bow has exquisite visual appeal, feel, and perfected function.

How About Serial Numbers for Dating? They did not always change with a model change, but when used with other features, are still heavily used in bow dating. With this information you should be able to get really close to dating your Bear Bow if not pin-pointing it to the year. Wouldn't it make sense that other bow companies who made fewer bows would be rarer, anime dating sims and thus command more value?

If you are looking to price your bow I would propose first logging into your eBay catalogue and do a Completed Auction quest on the normal keywords that match your bow, i. Upon my entrance into the party I was astounded at the sight. The bow has been stored in the original box and the string is still in the original tube - also unopened. There were also many different lengths available in each of the different kinds of wood. Beginning in Bear began using the silk-screened logo shown on the far right.

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  1. Charles was the West Coast distributor for Bear Archery almost since the beginning.
  2. Below is a yearly production chart for the most popular Bear Bows.
  3. If only the auto manufacturers had some coin medallions!

There are no current books on the market that can help identify even the age of most old bows. Blogs Home Page All Blogs. After we got the bow to our store we noticed that inside the big quiver was a smaller particular quiver. Then in Bear began using a new Uni-Directional glass in which the glass fibers all ran lengthwise to the bow limbs.

But the legacy that he left will never die, the people who collect Bear Archery items will see to that. The bow varnish on top turns varying shades of yellow altering the color of the coins. They never dreamed that people would be collecting all these bows! The basic information I use to identify the bows of Bear Archery Co.

Bear bow dating
Bear Archery Traditional Bows A Chronological History

The last year for the Grayling, Michigan bows was when the entire plant was moved to the current Florida location. He used to have a ton of old bows and knows quite a bit about them. These first model quivers in suede are very scarce.

Fred Bear Takedown Recurve Bow

Using the coin medallion to date these bows has been used by many knowledgeable collectors for years. Finally, in August the Bear Take-Down recurve went into production, appearing for the first time in the catalog. Secondly, the large amount of shock contributed to a large number of bows delaminating. By all model Bear bows are made of futurewood. Nels left Bear in when Fred made the decision to begin mass production of bows at the new factory in Grayling.

The upper and lower limbs are crafted out of Clear Maple wood, and also faced and backed with a rich thick black fiberglass overlay to strengthen each extension. Most of the bows made after the early s are still very usable, but there are no guarantees that come with any of them. Then in mid, the aluminum lamination was dropped. This happened in the Bear factory due to the loss of most all of the true catalogs.

Age of a Bear Grizzly recurve

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Collecting Items of the Bear Archery Company

Actually, more than year, the collector should be referring to Type. In this manner, the archer could mix and match riser styles with various length limbs to allow the bowhunter to pick the bow which best fit his or her desires. There are many features and changes applied by Bear over the years which will help you in determining your bows model year. Free liquid refreshments were there for the asking in the back of the room.

The bleeders soon changed to look like the bleeder on the right for all production after that. An investment in the Bear Super Kodiak Recurve bow is considerable but well worth every penny if you are an archer who demands nothing but the very best. Note - A great deal of the credit for the following information is due to Mr.

Getting all the necessary information on new equipment is just a matter of a few phone calls and letters while pawing over several of the latest catalogs. Remember also that Bear had to take the next years catalog to the printer in late fall of the prior year. This date that is printed on all bows made between and is simply the date of the patent for a working recurve limb and has nothing to do with the actual model year. If your bow says Gainesville on it, then you know that it was made after this move.

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The Grizzly also began production with the aluminum lamination, but very early in the aluminum was dropped due to the high reported breakage problems of these aluminum bows. Since we were already somewhat well-known with how well bows have sold from selling them for a client we naturally gravitated to it. Some common sense precautions are necessary in the purchase and intended use of any old bow. So he came up with a new method of mass producing bows, finally allowing his company to meet this demand.

Age of a Bear Grizzly recurve
How to Determine What Year a Compound Bow Was Made
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In both copper, site nickel and brass were used in the higher and lower grades of bows. The bow tips also feature a fiberglass overlay. Today this watch holds a place of honor in my collection unlike few other items I possess. No doubt many of the best bows ever made are being made right now.

Age of a Bear Grizzly recurve

Bear bows how old
  • Take a look at this link that a good friend of mine wrote.
  • Both of the leather models command a lot of attention with todays collectors, while the vinyl model is only moderately desirable.
  • There are a ton of Grizzlys on the market.
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